Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Dvar is a virtual band from Moscow, Russia that plays darkwave music, though their more recent releases have been coined as Lightwave, for a lack of an existing genre to file their unique sound under.

The members of Dvar have kept their identities secret, so little is known of their formation. In an interview they stated that "Dvar is something that came in a dream". Band members claim to have heard music in their dreams. The music was presented to them by a creature named Dvar, which took the shape of a giant bee. All of the band's music is devoted to Dvar and directly inspired by him. The members of the band do not claim to write the music themselves (which comes from Dvar), but to serve as messengers. Lyrics, according to them, are performed in the Enochian language.

Their first known released work was a 1998 self-released tape called Raii, though rumours have circulated of an earlier self-released tape from 1996, simply named DVAR. In the year 2000, the duo issued another self-released 4-track CD-R demo called Taai Liira. In 2002 the band released their first album on the Italian S.P.K.R/Radio Luxor record label. The album was called Piirrah. In 2003 Dvar moved to the Russian label Irond and released five albums: Roah (2003), Rakhilim (2004), re-release with bonus tracks of Taai Liira (2004), Hor Hor (2005) and Oramah Maalhur (2005). In 2005 should leave an album Madegirah - Early Works, but there was it only in 2009. In 2007 the band moved to the label Gravitator and released Jraah Mraah. In 2008 the band released Zii under the label Art Music Group. In 2009, Fayah! was released, a dark counterpart to Zii, along with a release of Madegirah, entitled Madegirah - Bizarre Rares and Early Works. 

Now, in mid-2010, their Tenth Anniversary Album, El Mariil has been released, with an unusual medieval sound unlike - as is typical in all of DVAR's music - anything heard from them before. Now, new album "Deii" released in Russian magazine "Мир Фантастики" ("Mir Fantastiki, "World of Sci-Fi) in mp3 320 kb/s format. Physical copies of album will be released in December 2012 on Shadowplay Records. It is known that the release will consist of two parts (2 CD 16 tracks on each), format of the disc - Digipack.

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